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About Joe’s

About Us

You don't need no stuffy, expensive restaurants to have gourmet Italian food. Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's philosophy is to make eating a great tasting meal part of your lifestyle, whether at lunch, at home, on the go, or on the streets.

Joe knows how to make a good time GREAT!

From gourmet street food, to event catering, to retail store products, Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's goal is to make the most awesome handcrafted pasta sauces in the world, complement them with fantastic homemade Italian foods, then sprinkle a bit of fun on top. All Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's gourmet products are great tasting, healthiest possible foods using only the finest ingredients. Our food truck is out on the streets of Detroit to get Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's in the mouths of foodies. Come and enjoy! Oh yeah, and don't be fooled by our casual appearance. Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's food products rival even the fanciest and expensive Italian restaurants. Sample Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's on the street, at any upcoming event, or where products are sold! And that's that.

Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's is a Detroit area based gourmet Italian food maker, that just wants to make the very best tasting, good-for-you food, get you to eat it, have you love it, all while hopefully doing something you enjoy (don't forget the vino). Is that too much to ask for? Our passion for quality food starts at the heart of Italian food, the sauce. Come get saucy with us! Join the family for exclusive events, monthly giveaways, birthday specials, and sh$#! And if you don't, well who asked you anyway?


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Mobile Food

Mobile Food Joe’s mobile food trucks are the heart of the street operations. The place to get the love in to your tummy. Our trucks are fully licensed, fully operational mobile commercial kitchens, able to cook up a storm at events, lunches, functions, parties...you name it. Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's is gourmet street food! If you want us at your location, call us, Facebook us, Twitter us, email us! You ain't gonna find no better mobile Italian gourmet food cart, guaranteed!

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Catering You want something cool at your kid's graduation? Your corporate event?  Your company picnic? Your wedding? Your whatever? Do you want some dried out crap?(well, that's not us) Hey, we can do pretty much whatever you want, as long as we can guarantee the absolute best food and service possible. Otherwise, no way, dude!

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Store Products

Store Products Retail Products. Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's Italian line of gourmet products that you can buy locally, produced locally. Our first products, by high demand, our pasta sauce. Thanks for enjoying this product. (Here come the crocodile tears)

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What’s so great about Saucy Joe’s?

You mean besides our amazing sauces and fantastic food? We are the midwest’s ORIGINAL (and still the best) Italian Food Truck. We give you more than great food, we give you an experience!

  • True Gourmet Food
  • Fun to Engage With
  • Flexible and Customized Menus
  • 6 Years in Business

Supporting Our Community

Joe’s gives back! 10% of our proceeds are returned to the community through Midtown D’Lectricity!