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Winners List:

  • Day 01 - Cindy Kay Shields
  • Day 02 - Nichole Vargas
  • Day 03 - Isidoro Toppi
  • Day 04 - Roberta Adams-Durrant
  • Day 05 - S.l. Hill
  • Day 06 - Claudia Dziadziola
  • Day 07 - Darlene Johnson-Bignotti
  • Day 08 - Audrey Robertson
  • Day 09 - Melissa DeLuka
  • Day 10 - Randy Schuman II
  • Day 11 - Steve Miller
  • Day 12 - Bonnie Szilagy

Bonus Winners:

  • Vivio’s Gift Set - Deanna Pietrzak Hutsell
  • Scotty O’Hotty Gift Set - Allison Martinez
  • Year Supply of Dago Joe’s Sauce - Melissa DeLuka

Dago Joe's Contests - 79022544

12 Days of Motor City Made Christmas Giveaway

That's Right! It's the 12 Days of Motor City Made Christmas Giveaway, where you have a chance to win Awesome Michigan Made Products made and sold right here in the Detroit Area. Over 250 Motor City Made Gourmet Products with a winner selected Every Day!

From Dec 13 - Dec 24, Daily winners will be randomly selcted to receive Motor City Made prize boxes filled with products (20 plus and counting) from all of the local businesses in this product directory. (except for Pan Grill-it, They are part of 12th Day Grand Prize) Well I'd say that about a hundred and some odd bucks worth of Goodies for each winner! There are also Bonus Prizes!

We encourage you to Like our partner business’ Facebook pages, as they are local hard-working Motor City Made Businesses that have made this giveaway possible. Buy Local!

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Motor City Made Prizes:

Jessica's Natural Foods Granola

Dago Joe's Contests - 79006082Jessica's Natural Foods offers pure & delicious gluten-free granola. Our granola is made with certified gluten-free oats and is loaded with delicious, healthy ingredients like ground flax, coconut, honey and pure maple syrup. It’s non-GMO verified and gluten-free certified. Jessica’s Chocolate Chip granola won a blind taste test in 2011 beating other national and non-gluten-free granolas!

Jessica's Natural Foods uses only wholesome, all-natural ingredients and never uses any artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. It’s available in the following flavors: Almond Cherry, Cherrys & Berry, Chocolate Chip, Motor City Crunch (Chocolate Hazelnut), Pecan Almond and Vanilla Mapl. Jessica’s Natural Foods is available at specialty retailers in the area.

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Dago Joe's Pasta Sauces

Dago Joe's Contests - 79006298_scaled_208x214Dago Joe's Old School Gourmet Pasta Sauces are made here in the Motor City by the same people that operate the Dago Joe's Italian Food Truck.

Lush Sauce: This sauce it Fat free, but you wouldn't know it! Similar to a marinara, but much bolder and full of flavor. Lush sauce is great by itself, but much better on meatballs or pasta. It's got a tiny kick, but won't hurt the crybabies.

Racy Olive Sauce: Another Dago Joe's original. A spicy, rich, bold and sexy low fat tomato sauce with kalamata and manzanilla olives. It has just enough heat without ruining the flavor of the sauce.

All Dago Joe's original recipe gourmet products are great tasting, using only the finest natural ingredients.

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Barlow's Gourmet Sauces & Distribution

Dago Joe's Contests - 790097263 Varieties:

Original: A Little Heat & Sweet

Chipotle: Delicious Smoked Jalepeno

Kicked-UP: A Friendly Burst of Cayenne & Red Pepper Flakes

Producing & Distributing Gourmet Grilling Sauces & other Michigan Made Products

  • Our Gourmet Sauces are Michigan Sourced & Michigan Bottled
  • In Over 100+ Markets & Butcher Shoppes Across Michigan - Thanks Michigan!
  • Creator & Distributor of Gourmet Grilling, Roasting & Dipping Sauces
  • All Natural, Gluten Free, No MSG, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Preservitives

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Truck Stop Organics Coffee

Dago Joe's Contests - 79009743Truck Stop Organics Coffee is a rich, rewarding, premium organic coffee that is priced for the real world. Available in three expertly, handcrafted roasts!

Day Break Roast (Light & Bright Organic Whole Bean Coffee)

High Road Roast (Dark & Smooth Organic Whole Bean Coffee)

Big Rig Roast (Rich & Smokey Organic Whole Bean Coffee)

Dago Joe's Contests - 79011881_scaled_70x85

Vivio's Bloody Mary Mix, Mustard, Steak Sauce

Dago Joe's Contests - 79011882Vivio’s Food & Spirits is Eastern Market’s oldest bar, serving up great Food, Friends and Fun since 1967. Our Bloody Marys are world famous, crafted with our hand infused vodka.

On Saturdays, a Vivio’s Breakfast has become an essential part of many families Eastern Market Experience, and Home Games for the Detroit Lions finds Vivio’s in the heart of the City’s Tailgate Party. With shuttle buses running to major Downtown events, Vivio’s is the perfect place before or after a game, a concert, or just exploring the City. Our regular guests who work in the City have long known Vivio’s as a great spot for lunch, and the perfect place to relax after work and let the traffic clear. Treat yourself to Vivio’s, and enjoy a great Detroit Tradition.

Dago Joe's Contests - 79014251

Cranberry Thokku by JaynRoss Creations

Dago Joe's Contests - 79016836We believe Thokku is an all-new product category, unlike any other in this market. It is a Tamil creation, from the Southern state of TamilNadu, in India. The closest one can describeThokku is as a cooked-down relish made with mainly fruits, vegetables and herbs. The flavors and cooking technique are unique to the product.

Thokku has a Unique taste, is Versatile, uses Authentic ingredients, and additional heat levels are offered such as Hot and Extra Hot.

The sweet and spicy, yet tangy note make Cranberry THOKKU irresistible.

Dago Joe's Contests - 79030264

Pan Grill-it

Dago Joe's Contests - 79030265The Pan Grill-it™ is a NEW!, one of a kind, commercial grade, Made in USA, pre-seasoned, cast iron grill insert designed to fit in a 12” cast iron skillet, 12” seasoned steel skillets, 10.5” round cast iron griddle, place on rusted existing grill grates at home or at the park, use as a Trivet in 7 & 9 quart Dutch Ovens, place under turkeys, hams or roasts whille baking keeping them from browning or scorching.

The Pan Grill-it’s™ use and patent design allows you to grill your favorite foods at your favorite places all year round. It has an all natural preseasoning non-stick surface and is ready to use. Makes for a perfect gift and will last a lifetime.

Dago Joe's Contests - 79018656

Among Friends Baking Mixes

Dago Joe's Contests - 79018653We know firsthand about the perils of healthy cookies that taste like the cardboard they’re packaged in.

Among Friends mixes reflect our desire to share our baked goods with other discriminating palates. Our goal is simple: we want to help people fill their kitchens with fresh-from-the-oven baked goods made from the best ingredients. Our mixes make baking easy for people on those days when treats from scratch are impractical or well nigh impossible. We all have those days. Our name tells it all. Each of our baking mixes is handcrafted for friends and named for someone we love, a friend or family member.

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Slow Jams Jam

Dago Joe's Contests - 79039739Slow Jams is committed to Michigan Agriculture and we are committed to producing the highest quality products. Slow Jams’ Jams, Jellies and Preserves are all handmade in small batches, using Michigan fruit, Michigan sugar, and Michigan herbs. We have traditional and unique varieties with creative flavor profiles not available in other brands. We want people to explore the culinary possibilities of jam as more than a compliment to toast and craft both traditional and creative varieties of jams to make cooking for your family and friends exciting and easy!

Scotty O'Hotty Hot Sauce

Dago Joe's Contests - 79031505Our spicy family business is based out of Dearborn, MI. We offer three varieties of hot sauce, our Premium Pepper Sauce has a family friendly heat level, a delicious flavor and just enough heat to put a kick in any recipe. Our Premium Habanero Sauce has a a beautiful “rolling heat.” You will taste the earthy flavor of habanero, and then feel the burn. For the expert Chili Head, we offer you The Ghost Sauce, made with real ghost peppers! All of our sauces are tomato based, with fire roasted veggies and packed with flavor. We offer All Natural, Low Sodium, nutritious ingredients. From the garden to the bottle, simple but elegant. Awarded 1st Place hotsauce of 2013! Our newest product is Suzi's Back Rub, a perfect neutral spice blend to “rub down” your ribs, poultry, pork, or beef before cooking to “Give Your Meat a Treat!”

Dago Joe's Contests - logo

Easy Artisan Bread Mixes

Dago Joe's Contests - 79040066_scaled_178x214Easy Artisan products grew from the simple proposition that the best bread you’ll ever have is home-made. It’s fresher, more flavorful, and completely satisfying. We developed the easiest route to great bread – just add water, no mess, no failures. And in the process we discovered that the same delicious grains make exceptional pizza crust.Make incredibly delicious breads, flatbread, and pizza crust.

The flavor secret is our special mix of premium grains.

Dago Joe's Contests - 79032266

Cardillo Pizza Sauce Seasoning

Dago Joe's Contests - 79029698Original, Spicy, Northern, and Southern Mix varieties.

Inspired by traditions brought with him from Italy, Alfredo Cardillo's passion for life, food and happiness is evident in every package of his pizza sauce seasonings. Having finally convinced Alfredo that his seasonings are MAGNIFICO!, we are happy that you can now enjoy great tasting pizza sauce made with any of the four Cardillo Pizza Seasoning mixes: Original, Spicy, Northern and Southern.

Make delicious pizza at home! Cardillo pizza sauce seasonings are made and packaged in Roseville, MI.

Dago Joe's Contests - 79040131

The Blueberry Store

Dago Joe's Contests - 79098441Our all-natural Blueberry Syrup is made from True Blue Farm's best blueberries and we believe is simply the world's best Blueberry Syrup!

The Blueberry Store is located in South Haven, Michigan and specializes in all things blueberry! We are owned and operated by True Blue Farms and carry their Fresh and Frozen Michigan Blueberries, along with Dried Blueberries, Blueberry Coffee, Blueberry Syrup, all natural Blueberry Juices, Michigan Blueberry Gift Baskets and much more!

FEEL Natural Energy

Dago Joe's Contests - 79138589FEEL Natural Energy is a naturally sweetened, 15-calorie energy beverage that's offered in 3 deliciously refreshing flavors − Raspberry Lemonade, Mango Passionfruit and Wild Berry. Each serving provides 100% RDA of vitamin C, along with nutrients like calcium and vitamin D. And with 85 milligrams of naturally occurring caffeine, you'll experience a healthy boost that's perfect anytime you need a little "get up and go" during your day!

Dago Joe's Contests - 79028862

Aunt Nee's Fresh Foods

Dago Joe's Contests - 79267954Established in 2006 by Lydia Alcala-Schwager (Aunt Nee), Aunt Nee's has been offering fast, natural, and affordable products for all kinds of food fans. With continued operation by her son and his business partner, Aunt Nee's continues to grow in the market.

"We’re avid salsa makers and salsa fans. We’ve spent the last several years of our lives dedicated to making the best salsa possible for everyone in the world, and doing it all from our home here in Detroit, Michigan.

Here in Detroit, were known as “the Salsa Guys” and we love what we do. We've been making salsa for years, and each of us comes from a unique background rooted in Mexican heritage and a love for making (and eating) Mexican Food.

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Thyme and a Bottle

Dago Joe's Contests - 79387793Thyme And A Bottle established in 1994, by two Clarkston, Michigan sisters, who enjoyed making herbal vinegars to sell at Farmers Market.

They soon found out that customers needed to be educated on the benefits and culinary uses for their vinegars, thus the, Rosemary-Sage Pickles was developed, a all natural, no preservative pickle, made with Thyme & A Bottle's, Dill-Garlic Vinegar.

Pickle lover's enjoy the subtle, fresh taste with children being the company's biggest fan. Found at Westborn Markets, Market Fresh & Market Square in Southfield, Rudy's Market & Neimans Family Market in Clarkston, Royal Oak Farmers Market, Rochester & Clarkston Farmers Market in season.