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Dago Joe's - Recycling Information, Compostable Products - recycle1Joe cares about you and the environment!

If you're buying takeout food, the unfortunate reality is that you will most likely be using disposable serveware. Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's is committed to doing its part for the environment by using plant-based biodegradeable and compostable products (wow, we're using really big words). Sure they cost more, but can you put a price on helping the environment? Do your part, we are! This stuff ain't cheap, but it's what we believe in, and it's what we've always used. So there.

  • Sugar cane products are made from the waste fibers from crushing the cane to get at the juice to make sugar. It is a waste product of no food value.
  • All of the disposable products we use are bleached without the use of chlorine. Hydrogen peroxide is used as the primary bleaching agent, which is environmentally preferable.
  • The technology used allows about 50% less Ingeo PLA lining material as compared to other products, which means more efficient use of resources and faster composting.

Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's Italian Gourmet uses the StalkMarket family of earth friendly products:

To Go Containers, Plates, etc.

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We use plates and to go containers made from 100% biodegradable, compostable SUGAR CANE FIBER, a by-product of the sugar refining process. A NATURAL ALTERNATIVE TO STYROFOAM AND PLASTICS! 100% tree and plastic free, made from sustainable resources. Biodegradable, recyclable, home compostable, microwaveable and freezer safe, you can even be a hoarder and collect them in your closet!

Hot Beverage and Soup Cups

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We use double wall hot cups for the hot beverages we serve. We feel they have the least impact to the environment because they eliminate the need for a cup jacket or using two cups to prevent the outside of the cup from being too hot. Made from all natural and sustainable resources, these paperboard cups feel and perform like traditional products, without petrochemicals. They're lined with Natureworks Ingeo ™ biopolymer – made from all natural plant sugars. That means no oil-based chemicals in these products!


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Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's uses cutlery made from all-natural and sustainable resources, earth-friendly, renewable CPLA (Crystalized Polylactic Acid). Compostable in commercial composting facilities. This cutlery is so strong, you can reuse it over and over again. We don't use any wasteful individually wrapped serveware items, such as wrapped straws or cutlery sets.

Myth Busters

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There are some common beliefs about recycling and composting. Read on to learn whether they are true or false.

More on Compostable Disposables.

Oh, yeah, back to the food thing....it's really good.

Organics Recycling Information


For a great guide on home composting check out Compostguide.com. Many municipalities have programs in place to help restaurants and businesses get started with various environmental measures.

Learn about the benefits of compost use, how composting helps reduce greenhouse gases and how composting may qualify for "carbon credits" that can be sold through a carbon "cap and trade" market in the list of resources available here and here.

For information about composting and organics recycling, see BioCycle Magazine. BioCycle shows how to turn organic residuals, such as food residuals, compostable products and other feedstocks, into value-added products. 

Compostable Products 

Several StalkMarket products use Ingeo™ from NatureWorks® biopolymers. Ingeo™ biopolymers are used for a wide variety of applications ranging from food packaging to clothing. Environmental benefits of Ingeo™ compared to traditional petroleum counterparts include reduced dependence on petroleum, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and solid waste diversion. For more information on Ingeo™, visit Natureworksllc.com.