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Authentic Italian Pasta Sauce Livonia MI

From gourmet street food, to event catering, to retail store products, Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's is Livonia's source for fantastic homemade Italian foods and gourmet pasta sauce. Our passion for quality food starts at the heart of Italian food, the sauce. All of Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's gourmet products are great tasting, healthy foods using only the finest ingredients.

Joe's mobile food trucks are the heart of the street operations. The place to get the love in to your tummy. Our trucks are fully licensed, fully operational mobile commercial kitchens, able to cook up a storm at events, lunches, functions, name it. Whether you have one of our food trucks at your event, or you just need traditional catering, we can satisfy your needs and hopefully meet your budget. On top of that, you can also purchase Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's line of gourmet Italian products at your local grocer! At the end of the day, Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's philosophy is to make eating a great tasting meal part of your lifestyle, whether at lunch, at home, on the go, or on the streets.

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Mobile Food Truck

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Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's is gourmet street food! We have 6 years of experience catering by food truck and traditional set ups. We love corporate lunches, corporate meetings, reunions, retirement parties, graduations, weddings, sports events, house parties, company picnics and more!

You don't need no stuffy, expensive restaurants to have gourmet Italian food. If you want us at your location, call us, Facebook us, Twitter us, email us! You ain't gonna find no better mobile Italian gourmet food cart, guaranteed!

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For Dago Joe's/Saucy Joe's catering, you'll see both our "basic everyday" menu that includes daily options you might (or might not) find on one of our food trucks, as well as our basic catering menu. The catering menu includes a larger selection that is mostly for traditional catering with trays, whether the food is dropped off or if we stay on as a full-service buffet. You can download our catering menu to see all of our basic options.

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Store Products

Our first products, by high demand: our pasta sauce. Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's line of gourmet Italian products is available for purchase at your local grocer! Thank you to all the great people that have invested in and enjoyed our jars of sauce!

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Gourmet Italian Cuisine Livonia MI - Food Truck, Catering Services - Dago Joe's - lush1Lush Sauce:

This sauce it Fat free, but you wouldn't know it! Similar to a marinara, but much bolder and full of flavor. Lush sauce is great by itself, but much better on meatballs or pasta. It's got a tiny kick, but won't hurt the crybabies.

Gourmet Italian Cuisine Livonia MI - Food Truck, Catering Services - Dago Joe's - racy1Racy Olive Sauce:

Another Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's original. A spicy, rich, bold and sexy low fat tomato sauce with Kalamata and Manzanilla olives. It has just enough heat without ruining the flavor of the sauce. There is no fishy flavor as in Puttanesca sauces. Totally yummy!

Gourmet Italian Cuisine Livonia MI - Food Truck, Catering Services - Dago Joe's - cream1Romano Cream Sauce:

Saucy Joe's/Dago Joe's own homemade better-than-alfredo creamy Romano cheese sauce. If you're looking for a great white sauce, look no further!

We don't like to brag, so we let our customers do it for us...and they said a mouthful!

Great food is hard to find when dining out. But when you were at the Plymouth Art Fair in Plymouth, MI that was the best Ravioli that I have ever eaten. It was so good I had it for lunch 2 days in a row. Please open a cafe. Brian
From one Dago to another...great ravioli (cheese and spinach) & Lush sauce. Yum!

Come get saucy with us - join the family for exclusive events, monthly giveaways, birthday specials, and more! Follow our truck, find our sauces in your local supermarket, or fill out our online form and send us a message to learn more about catering options and renting our truck for your next party!